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Duration: 4 hours

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The PTS E-Learning course can be undertaken by the candidate in their own time away form a training centre.

However for candidates that may need assistance or who are not IT literate, ASTS Rail Training Ltd will manage the e-learning experience through one of our experienced safety trainers who will deliver a 4 hour session giving the candidate knowledge on the following topics which will be covered during the E-Learning programme.

  1. Railway Terminology
  2. Accessing Network Rail Infrastructure
  3. Distances and Hazards that effect Personal Track Safety.
  4. Introduction to Safe Systems of Work
  5. Responsibilities of the Controller of Site Safety (COSS), Site Warden and Lookout.
  6. Controller of Site Safety Briefing


The programme takes approximately three and a half hours to complete and during this time the candidate will have the trainer for support.


There is a short on-line exam that needs to be completed by the candidate prior to moving on to the PTS Initial training.

ASTS Rail Ltd have found this approach to the e-learning course to be a particular benefit to candidates who are not IT literate and may see this as a barrier to their learning.

List Price: £75.00
Duration: 4 hours

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